Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Heart Is Full

Life continues to amaze me and surprise me and often bring me to my knees in thanksgiving for all the blessings in it.  The everyday happenings, the little joys, are so precious to me and when I stop to list them, I am filled with such a gratitude to the One who provides them!

Last week I spent five wonderful days away with my two lovely sisters.  Our annual 'sisters weekend' that means so much to us.  Our time away to reconnect and enjoy each others company without the busyness of life getting in the way.

And so with joy in my heart for the beautiful memories of time spent with Dianne and Mary, my list continues...

- mornings that greet you with a gentle sunrise and a promise of God's blessings for the day

- sisters that mean the world to me!

- the pretty colors and smooth feel of sea glass
- gathering beautiful heart-shaped stones found along the water's edge


 - butterflies resting on flowers long enough to have their picture taken

- taking time out for a bit of sidewalk art and feeling like we were 5 years old again!  

- exploring interesting little shops
- bookstores
- finding the perfect treasure to bring home as a souvenir


- lighthouses and safe harbors

- calm waters
- being grateful for the day's blessings

- sand shadows
- laughing so hard your sides hurt
- holding hands and never letting to 

- sailboats that speak of journeys taken and places yet to be explored

- boardwalks
- beach grass

- the feel of sand in your toes 
- spa pedicures
- foot massages

- sweet, shared memories
- the encouragement that only a sister can give

- sunsets so brilliant they leave you speechless
- marveling at God's creation  
- sharing prayer and scripture with my sisters

- special times you don't want to end

I am truly blessed!  My heart is full!  What are you most thankful for today?


  1. Love your photos! Absolutely awesome! The sand shadow is a fave!

  2. Sisters are definitely one of life's greatest blessings! Treasure your times together!!

  3. Such special times...a blessing to spend quality time together.


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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