Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introducing Riley

We have a new member of our family! Our son bought a sweet little bunny a couple of days ago and named him Riley.

He is a lionhead rabbit and is only 6 weeks old. He looks big in the photos, but he is just a tiny little fur-ball that is as cute as can be!

We picked him up from a breeder about an hour away from our home and she had two caramel, one black and two spotted bunnies to pick from.

Here he is with his 'twin' - Riley is on the left. He has such a sweet face that we just couldn't resist choosing him!

All the way home, we were thinking of names. I think he looks like a Bob, but Spencer chose the name Riley. In fact we won't even be sure if it is a male or female for a few more weeks, so Riley will work either way. (I still like Bob the Bunny!)

Hopefully this little guy will be a healthy rabbit that will be around for a long time. He is a real cutie!


  1. omigosh..look at his little face

  2. Deanna - are you referring to the rabbit or Spencer! lol

  3. Both, I think...
    Welcome to the family Riley!

  4. Oh, he is adorable! Not sure I see the 'Bob' in him/her but cute just the same. Lucky little bunny :)

  5. So sweet!! Congratulations on the addition to your family.

  6. Adorable! I like Bob the Bunny has such a great ring to it.
    I feel my allergies starting to act up just looking at him with all the fluffy fur. LOL

  7. ahhh he/she is so sweet! Best wishes for a much healthier bunny this time :)


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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