Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mexican Adventure - Part II

We only left our all-inclusive resort twice while we were in Mexico. Once was to take a trip into Playa del Carmen, a city just north of where we were staying.

We were told that there were two ways for us to get to Playa del Carmen from the resort. One was to take a taxi, which would cost about $30.00 US. The other was to leave the resort, walk out to the main highway and wait for a local bus to stop and pick us up. The bus would only cost us $3.00 US. When I asked if it was safe for tourists to take the local bus, the concierge said, "Oh yes! They are safe and air conditioned and very comfortable." So we thought – why not?

Even though I had an uncomfortable picture in my head of local men and women riding the bus with us (complete with sombreros and carrying chickens and goats!), we headed out to the highway. The ‘bus’ was actually a minivan of sorts that accommodated 12 passengers plus the driver. Luckily one was arriving just as we walked towards the road, so off we went. Much to my relief, there were no animals on the bus and everyone seemed quite ‘normal’. (lol)

When we left the resort the sun was shining, but by the time we drove 20 minutes north, the clouds had gathered and it had started to downpour! We were going to be dropped off at the ‘bus stop’, which was about 5 blocks from where we wanted to be. (It was actually just the side of the road in an out of the way part of city.) As the driver brought the bus to a stop, the princess in me started to panic and I wanted to shout, "I DON’T DO RAIN!" Instead I turned to Mr. B and asked, "So, what are we going to do?" He said, "I guess we are going to get off the bus and start walking!" That was not what I wanted to hear.

Oh my gosh! Within the first half a block we were completely soaked. I mean completely! We had no umbrella (although a few locals offered to sell theirs to us for a 'good price!'), we had no hats, no jackets, nothing. We kept trying to duck into little stores and restaurants along the way, but eventually we had to just keep walking.

When we reached the main tourist part of town, Fifth Avenue, the rain started to die down a bit and the sun came out. So then, not only were we completely wet, but we were hot and sticky as well! Can you say FUN?

Eventually we dried out a bit and started to enjoy our time in the city. There were lots of shops selling everything from jewelry to clothing to tequila.

One of the first places we stopped in had the world's largest Tequila collection! It was amazing! Tequila bottles in just about every shape and size were on display and for sale.

Some were so beautiful it was tempting to buy them just for the bottle!

The buildings were colorful and interesting.


Local talent entertaining the tourists.

Fifth Avenue is a 2 mile long, pedestrian-only street that offers restaurants, bars, shops and hotels and it runs parallel to the beach.

We're not sure!?!

So, despite the rain and then the blistering heat, we had fun exploring this interesting city. We were also very glad to get back to the resort for a swim in the pool and a great dinner!


  1. Oh Joanne...I am so with you about the rain!!! I melt in the rain... HAHA! Your pics are lovely and I was waiting for one of you and your husband after walking in the rain,

  2. Such great photo's Joanne, it's going to be so much fun scrapbooking them. I see some Fiesta papers in your future.

  3. Sounds like you had a good time! I hope you took some pictures of you running in the rain, those would be great to scrapbook!

  4. No Judy... no pics of Mr. B and I in the rain! Some things are better left to the imagination! lol
    Joanne xo

  5. Beautiful photos Joanne!!! Can't wait to see the layouts you create with them.

  6. OMGosh I'd be just like you....walk in the rain ??No!! lol!!I love seeing other places that Ive never been to! Thanks so much for sharing :-) and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  7. So jealous girl! And your photos are amazing!

  8. Love all the pictures from your trip! Those decorative bottles are really cool!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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