Friday, July 29, 2011

Mexican Adventure - Part III

I am back with another post about our amazing trip to Mexico. We came home with so many wonderful memories that I can't help but share a few more :)

The resort was gorgeous and there was so much that you could do there, but the food at the resort was definitely a highlight of each day! Unlimited buffets welcomed us through the day, plus there were 8 incredible restaurants throughout the resort that were open for dinner. We enjoyed trying out the Brazilian restaurant, the Steakhouse, and the Japanese restaurant... which was a show as well as a meal!

The fresh fruit and the desserts were my favorite part of each meal!

The Grand Palladium had 4 resorts in one and each resort has it's own look that made it unique.

The Riveria had these awesome sculptures in their courtyard.

We did a tour along the river that runs through the resort.

We enjoyed seeing the flora and fauna of Mexico.

These lovely critters were everywhere and they were the size of cats! Yikes!

Luckily the crocodiles were contained!

When evening came around, we were greeted in our room with a towel sculpture and chocolates on our pillow!

On Friday night we reserved a spot at the Beach Barbecue. It was amazing how they transformed the beach into a beautiful al fresco dining experience.

Mexican themed decor, more food than you could imagine, pleasant company and local entertainment all contributed to a great evening.

Another highlight of our trip was a massage on the beach!

The Resort had a top class spa on the premises and they also had beach huts near the pools and the ocean where you could enjoy a massage. Mr. B and I decided to have a massage at the beach and I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was! Listening to the waves and feeling the breeze while someone massages you with hot oil... can you say heaven?

I feel very blessed to have enjoyed this special trip with my hubby. I hope we will have the opportunity to visit this beautiful area of the world again sometime.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go for a visit.

  2. Such awesome photos Joanne....the first pic. with the chef posing for you is excellent.

  3. great pictures..lots of inspiration to scrap a whole book!

    From the 'you might like' section....
    I just read your Beach nerd post from July 2009 and had a good laugh. I've done that too, running after an umbrella on the beach. Fun times.

  4. Looks like it was a great time!

  5. Looks like you had such a wonderful time Joanne! I am so happy for you!!


Thank you for your lovely comments!

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